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Cooking Emits Harmful Gases

A TV show in Korea called ‘So Bi Jah Report’ (Consumer Reports) recently ran an experiment on PM10 (Particulate matter that is less than 10 micrometers in size) in the kitchen.

According to tests ran using sophisticated equipement measuring PM2.5 and PM10, cooking will emit harmful particles, much more than smoking or any other normal indoor activity.

In the sample in the video, the person pan-fried mackerel, a fish commonly eaten in Korea emitted 10 times more harmful particles per cm3 than cigarettes and almost 30 times more than the air quality outside during a sunny day.

This screenshot shows from right to left: Outdoor air, smoking indoors, and cooking mackerel and its particulate matter content measured in cm3 .

An expert was asked why this happens and he explained that when cooking something, fire/heat must be used to ‘burn’ in order to cook whatever is on the pan, whether its meat or vegetables. When something burns, harmful gases are emitted because of the hot metal pan touching foods.

Image shows a HEPA filter and a carbon filter

These harmful gases cannot be filtered via carbon filters completely due to the size of the particles.

It is mentioned that the most effective way to get rid of these types of gases are through air circulation by either opening the window or using a fan during cooking.


Source: KBS

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