How to Clean Your Filter



The Clair e2f filter can be cleaned easily using any household vacuum, preferably any handheld vacuum or one with an attachment allowing for easy mobility.


What to do?

1) First remove the cover of your air purifier. Clair-BF2025 owners must remove the cover from the back side (side without the logo). Clair-TD1866 owners can remove the cover from the top.

2) Remove the filter from the device and set it on in a safe area.

3) Use a vacuum to gently clean each side of the filter. Please do not alter the filter by pushing out the inner layers. Clean for 30-60 seconds and you are finished!

* It is recommended you clean your filter once every 3 months.



Cleaning the Filter



Replacing the Filter





If you're still having trouble with cleaning your filter, please call us at toll-free 1-855-367-2475 and we'll be happy to assist you.